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Website Design

Intuitively creating website designs
I offer Website Design, Training and
The Art of designing websites is my
What's your Style
Show off your style - let's create a
Stand Out from the Crowd with your o
Going shopping - Give your clients a
Let your clients shop from home.
Intuitively creating website designs
Have faith-- we can create a spectac



JC Penney Top Sales Award

Let's build something spectacular together. In today’s world there's a lot of competition trying to get your attention. What would set you apart or make you stand out?

Starting at $999 let's see how we can create a website with energy and balance to bring in those clients that have been waiting for you to you.

Already have a website -- talk with me about keeping it fresh with my monthly maintenance program. 

  • Website Design, Training and Maintenance

  • Social Media Posting

  • YouTube Video

  • Power Point Presentation

  • Marketing Materials:

    •   Brochure

    •   Flyer

    •   News Letter

    •   Announcements

Do you 'Think' outside the box? Then you've come to the right person. I can create and design your marketing materials, whether it's a power point presentation, brochure or flyer let me see how I can best express your uniqueness.


If you’re socially awkward, with online business concepts, I can help. I was there unwilling to get in the 21st century. It can be a lot of fun.


If you need assistance in creating, uploading and posting educational videos. I can help you  get out there!


I welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let's get in touch to talk about your projects.


Professional Support now Available. When you present are you reaching all of your target audience? If your presentations are full of facts you may only be reaching the analytical person. Would you like to reach 100% of your audience? 


What does it look like when you reach 100% of the audience? They may get an Ah moment! This could lead to more clients, higher sales, better understanding of your topic and repeat business.  


With my background in Marketing and Research combined with intuition they'll never stop talking about you!


I welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let's get in touch to talk about your projects.


I have been presenting Morphogenic Field Technique to professional audiences for the past 5 years. Though I was motivated to share my knowledge of nutritional and herbal healing, I needed help with presenting my material in an organized, educational and entertaining manner. I learned that clinical proficiency was my forte, not marketing nor technology.


Janice Churchill has been the person I could always depend upon for the non-clinical aspects of our MFT seminars. She was instrumental in creating our Powerpoint presentations, email broadcasts, brochures, and in all aspects of marketing. She has always been available when I needed these services, even in "emergency" situations.


I highly recommend Janice as a source when you require similar assistance. She is dependable and service oriented. As speakers, we have an important task to teach true natural healing. Janice has always shared our goals and is a great member of our team.

Toward Health,

Frank Springob, DC

Co-creator and Instructor,

Morphogenic Field Technique

"Since I have began working with Janice professionally, I have increased my speaking business by 300 percent in less than 2 years and have been able to increase my fees by over 150 percent.  She has supported me in every way I have asked her and has given me constructive suggestions and a pat on the back when I needed that too!  I will continue to use her expertise in every way I can."                                                    ~ Bill Hemmer, DC

Real Life Wellness     

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