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Nontoxic, hypo allergenic rubber with Elite Shungite infused with 99.5 pure Silver.


Can be used on scars to unblock energy flow of body’s natural electrical current.


Can be used when meditating for mental clarity and third eye activation and grounding.


Place around head for clearing EMFs/RFs from Magnetite Crystals that line the brain and brain tissue. Great to use when sleeping or out jogging!


Place on inflammation areas to increase electrons and healing; Knee, Ankle, Elbow.

May support Earache, Headache, Vision and Depression.


Good quality: the durable and lightweight body band is easily washable with mild soap. Can be maintained in good shape after washing and long-term wearing, lay flat to dry.


Material: body band is made of spandex, nylon and quality fabric, which are made for comfort; the unique blend of spandex retains elasticity. 7 inches x 2 inches, perfect fit for most.


PAIN.  INFLAMMATION is produced by Neutrophils which is a white blood cell. They make up approximately 40% to 60% of the white blood cells in our bodies, and are the first cells to arrive on the scene when we experience a bacterial infection.


When you have an injury – you have a damaged cell -  so the white blood cells come over and encapsulate the damage cells and they release oxygen species which rip electrons from the damage cell and that destroys the damaged cell.


If not enough free electrons in the body to reduce the remaining free radicals they steal an electron from a healthy cell in the process damage it.


The message goes out to the immune system and another Neutrophils does the same thing and eliminates the cell  - then you end up with a chain reaction.


If inflammation is the root cause of all these health disorders then if the body is grounded can you have inflammation?


If the body is grounded you cannot have inflammation!


Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding Clint Ober


Elite Body Band

  • Shungite & Silver Rubber Discs have an approximately 2.25 inch diameter - 1/8th inch thick.



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