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We have recently partnered with Janice and her firm to provide a healthy area in my sister’s bedroom as she cannot travel and suffers from acute lymphedema.  The radiation and emf issues in her home have made significant risks to her immune system.  Changes were made and we have taken multiple readings to make sure improvement has occurred.  We even purchased an emf reader to verify the daily fluctuations in the bedroom.  The readings after Janice’s work have been steadily improving.  We have found great comfort in knowing that we have done what we can do to alleviate the risks and have learned through Janice what we can do ourselves to mitigate the risks to our immune systems. We have learned much in a short period of time.  We are grateful and appreciative for how Janice has aided in our taking control of our health issues. We had no idea of the penetration in our lives by dirty electricity and emf waves. 


Thanks again to Janice and Healthy Bio Solutions.

~Rick & Sam

Maple Valley, WA


"Let me start by saying that Janice is amazing! I had been dealing with chronic illness for about two years as well as having sleep issues for the past year. She came into our home and made significant changes to our environment that have made a huge difference in our families health. Our family is back to living a vibrant life, rarely get sick now and feel protected from the environmental elements. Janice is extremely knowledgeable in what she does, was able to answer all my questions, and really cares about helping her clients and finding solutions that fit your particular needs. She made several recommendations which we implemented and we couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend Janice." 


Issaquah, WA

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"Janice was very thorough in taking the time to explain everything to me as she assessed my home. The body assessment meter was especially helpful, making me aware of the various things I can do to protect myself. She promptly provided a written detailed report outlining each room of my home and recommendations for each situation. Janice was patient, kind and very knowledgeable in answering my many questions. I look forward to the re-assessment and tracking my progress with her guidance."


Tacoma, WA


"I was having headaches and sleepless nights so I hired Janice to test my home for EMF's. She spent a lot of time for discovery and explanation. Specifically helping to understand where the EMF's were coming from and why my plants (30+yrs old) mostly died, just in my front window, this year. Many solutions were provided and I implemented several. Once my home was re-checked by Janice on a follow-up, some ratings were still high and she assisted in actually completing her suggestions and I also chose to purchase a Total Shield. Very Happy with the results! My home now feel harmonious and I am sleeping like a baby these days. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you! Thank you!"


Renton, WA