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Order includes: 1 bag of Shungite Nuggets 15grams and 1 bag of 2 Tablespoons of Shungite Powder.  Directions.


NUGGETS: Place 3 Shungite nuggets (use enclosed sticky dots to secure nuggets to hive) near the Right-side corner of the beehives entrance.  Bees can see energy and will be curious and investigate and while walking over the nuggest they pick up Shungite dust on there legs providing them with additional energy, clearing and protection. Nuggets never need replacing, charged or cleared.


POWDER: One gram of powder placed on the Left side of entrance to the hive to accelerate hive growth. OR for exterior EMFs protection add 1 tablespoon per gallon to paint for painting the exterior of the beehive. Do not use paint with shugite for painting the interior of hive.


NOTE: Shungite has componets of Fools Gold (pyrite) and those nuggest with pyrite taste like sulfur. Therefore, these shungite nuggets are NOT for driniking water. Beehive, Garden, and Land only.

Shungite Kit for Bees

  • Used in Bee hives, Land and Gardens. 

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