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Order includes: 1 bag of Shungite Nuggets 15grams and 1 bag of 7grams of Shungite Powder.  Directions.


NUGGETS: Place 3 Shungite nuggets near the Right-side corner of the beehives entrance. More often than not the bees choose to walk over the   nuggets, either before they leave on a flight, or immediately after they have returned. With a new beehive it can take some time for the bees to       become familiar with the Shungite nuggets. We’ve never seen bees try to remove or push the nuggets off in any way. As the generations of bees   continue to emerge, more and more bees will tend to gravitate around the nuggets.


POWDER: One gram of powder placed on the Left side in the tray to accelerate hive growth.


NOTE: These shungite nuggets are NOT for water. Beehive, Garden, and Land only.


For more information watch YouTube channel Shungite Beehives.







Shungite Kit for Bees

  • Used in Bee hives, Land and Gardens.