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Bee, Land & Garden Small Shungite Nuggets 100g.



Place 3 Shungite nuggets near the corner of the beehives entrance. More often than not the bees choose to walk over the nuggets, either before they leave on a flight, or immediately after they have returned. 



Energize and reduce algea in your ponds, water features, and streams. Place a base of trees (oak, cedar, evergreen, etc) to increase growth.



Increase the size of your harvest! Add to mulch, place in corners of Raised bed(s), place at base of fruit trees, place in herb gardens, vegetable gardens, flower beds.



Take a bath! Clear and Energize your Aura field. Recommend 11 nuggets for bath tub. Don't toss out with the bath water, Shungite nuggets can be used over and over.


NOTE: Shungite has componets of Fools Gold (pyrite) and those nuggest with pyrite taste like sulfur. Therefore, these shungite nuggets are NOT for driniking water. Beehive, Garden, and Land only. However, can be placed and/or taped to drinking container.

Shungite Nuggets -Bee, Land, Garden

  • Used in Bee hives, Land and Gardens. 

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