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ELITE Shungite Powder 35 grams (Approx. 2.5 Tablespoons)


Can be used for inside and outside of home, business, or office walls. Does not turn the paint black. Shungite Paint does not interfere with electronic devices, EMFs and/or WiFi systems quality or clarity. Recommend two coats of paint for best coverage.


Uses include but are not limited to:·

Making Shungite Paint (1 tablespoon per gallon) for EMF protection·

Adding to plants/gardens/herb gardens·

For use to paint exterior of Beehives and place a small amount of powder at entrance to hive.


Directions:Mix 1 tablespoon with 1 cup of paint. Then add the cup to the gallon of paint and stir. Can include 1 Tablespoon in gallon paint when mixing with professional paint shaker.You can paint over the layer of shungite paint.



To minize the effects of Radio Frequencies (RF) Radiation, dirty electricity, electrical and magnetic fields (EMFs).·

Shungite Paint can be painted on closet walls where the WiFi and/or Router is located.·

Can be used to paint a wood box as a cover for the WiFi and/or Router or other devices that emit bluetooth, RF or dirty electricity.·

If you live close to a Cell Tower or Radio Antennas it can be used in the paint for the interior and/or exterior of home.· Shungite Paint can be painted on garage walls and fuse box where the Smart Meter maybe located.

Items painted with Elite shungite powder do not require grounding like EMR/EMF shielding paint requires.


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ELITE Shungite Power

  • Elite Shungite Powder for use with your paint.



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